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Business Services

This is an alphabetical listing of our most popular services for business purposes. Please inquire about additional services that you may need.

Alarm Response Services:
While you are away or if you are unavailable you can hire us as your office alarm representative. Should your alarm activate, at anytime, we will be there for you. Whatever the circumstances may be we will handle any and all unforeseen situations that arise from your alarm activating unexpectedly.

We make deposits, pick up and deliver banking correspondence, monitor checking transactions, manage safety boxes and will handle any other financial needs while you are away or unavailable.

Copy Services:
We can pick up, coordinate and deliver your copying projects.

Clean Out Services:
We will clean out any size office space or storage facility. No need to worry about anything. We will remove all items from any size location.

Clean up Services:
We will clean, sanitize and make sure the location is cleaned from top to bottom and all points in between.

We will pick up and deliver anything.

Errand Services:
We know your time is valuable and limited. We can save you time and help you with just about anything you need. As your personal and private local representative we can handle your short term or long-term errand needs. No task is too small or large for us to handle.

Estate Management Services:
We can package, box, remove, clean and or ship the entire contents of your estate. We handle all services with licensed and bonded agents and all project are managed by one of our Management team.

Court Reporter and Stenographer:
We can provide you with well-trained and qualified professionals to assist you. Please allow for 48 hours notice for your request.

Deposition Suite:
Need a place to have legal meetings? Let us plan the location for you. We can offer an appropriate location, arrange for all needed support services and will assist in optimizing an appropriate setting for your proceedings.

Document Removal & Shredding:
We make sure your office documents don’t wind up in the hands of unauthorized or inappropriate hands. We will come to your office, remove your discarded sensitive documents and destroy them beyond recognition.

Document Storage:
If you need a place to store your files we can pick up, deliver and provide you with the appropriate storage facility. When you are ready for retrieving any or all of your files, even if it’s a small or partial file; we will locate, retrieve and deliver it to your designated location.

Email Services:
We offer a full range of email services such as setting up special accounts and screen names, sending and receiving, advertising and more.

Errand Services:
We know your time is valuable and limited. We can save you time and help you with just about anything you need. As your personal and private local representative we can handle your short term or long-term errand needs. No task is too small or large for us to handle.

Facsimile Receiving and Sending:
We operate a state of the art electronic system for receiving and sending your electronic documents. Whether you are dealing with a few pages or mass volume we can handle your request (s) promptly.

FedEx & UPS Receiving & Delivery:
While you are away, unavailable or simply don’t want to be involved with the process, we can pick up, pack, prepare, package, box and send as well as receive unpack and handle any and all next day or special delivery packages.

Gift Baskets, Flowers and Specialty Items:
We have the best local provider for these special items. We can arrange, pick up, and deliver anything you need to anywhere you want!

Gift Certificates:
Yes, we offer you the opportunity to give your clients and wonderful gift. Give the gift of time and a gift that will be remembered. Gifts certificates are available in all Plan offerings.

General Contractor “GC” Services:
Through our authorized and approved local vendors, all whom are Florida State licensed and bonded contractors; we can obtain bids, monitor and handle any building, repairs and/or renovations services you need.

General Maintenance Assurance Services:
We offer daily, weekly and monthly-specialized business services. Our Maintenance service program allows you to have one of our representatives “visit” your premises to assure everything is operational, clean, secure and properly maintained. This unique and specially planned service offers you the opportunity to have your own private “eyes and ears” at the premises when you are not available.

Handyman Services:
Whenever you have the need for simple repairs or something changed or installed, we can assist you. We offer you the finest and most dependable handyman services available in the Palm Beach County area. A skilled and experience person, whom is responsible and trustworthy and maintains the appropriate insurance and licensing, when and if applicable, will handle all your needs.

Hearing Impaired and Signing Services:
Our local expert has the ability to provide you with all related services. A three-hour minimum includes travel time to a location of your choice.

Landlord Services:
We offer a wide range of services to absentee landlords. Any or all applicable services offered herein are available. If you need service of process for evictions contact us now.

Legal Forms and Documents:
We can locate retrieve any and all legal forms and documents you need. When you need forms, applications or special documents retrieved, we can handle your request.

Locks Changed:
We offer this service to those who need locks changed out. We will provide the locks and the skilled labor to handle one or all doors at your designated location.

Meeting and Management Assistance:
We have qualified representatives who can stand in and provide outplacement managerial services. If you need temporary support and would like the presence of management, we can help. Whether its meeting and greeting, handing out information, temporarily overseeing your office or providing a strength in numbers perspective at a meeting we can offer you a well mannered, well dressed and educated support staff.

Meeting Room:
Need a place to meet? No problem. Let us know what environment you need, how many people are expected to attend and what you will need for the meeting and we will do all the organizing.

Pick up and delivery services are offered to our existing clients and are available 24/7. These services include, but are not limited to, Pick up and drop off dry cleaning, remove and deliver rugs, pick up and deliver supplies, purchase, pick up and deliver home improvement items, pick up and deliver documents and personal items, pick up and deliver luggage, and purchase, pick up and deliver store bought products.

Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services:
Our hands-on master cleaning services are crucial to whatever transition you may encounter. Whether you need basic cleaning or have specialized cleaning needs we can assist you in making sure the premises are clean and organized before and/or after your move.

We offer mobile notary services. Let us travel to and witness the signatures at a location of your choice. This service is widely used by banks, mortgage companies, Realtors, Title companies, Law Firms and at Courthouses.

Office Sitting:
Have someone sit in your office. You can use one of our representatives to answer phones, meet and greet people entering and leaving and or simply wait for appointments to arrive.

Onsite Packing & Shipping:
An affiliate of ours, offering professional packing and shipping services, will handle your onsite service request. A knowledgeable representative will help your client with all the needed supplies to pack, box and /or prepare for shipping. This service is a great time saver, a unique benefit and convenience your client will never forget.

Over Seeing and Monitoring Services:
Simply put, we can be there, as your representative, when you can’t. Or, if you want to be there but don’t want direct contact with workers, we will handle any situation on your behalf.

Personal Assistant:
You are never alone nor will you have to worry about handling your business matters alone. One of our trained assistants can work for you on an as needed basis.

Photography and Video Services:
When you need digital images, photographs or video, you can depend on us. We will honor your request and send you the results by email, DVD, Floppy Disk or simple JPG file. Just let us know your preference and who or where to send it.

Pick up, Receiving and Sending US Mail:
We could handle all types of mail services on your behalf. Whether it’s picking up or receiving your mail at your office or the Post Office, we could be there everyday, if necessary. We also offer private mailboxes for specialized and private mail services. Let us take care of, monitor and handle any mail needs you may have.

Preparation and Post Hurricane Services:
This necessary office protection service was developed specifically for clients who are out of town or unavailable and need assistance. Whether it’s putting up or taking down shutters, removing, securing or protecting property we will be there for you. The most recent hurricanes have proven to us that preparation is crucial to protecting your possessions. Having us available and providing crucial services, before, during and after any severe weather is a great assurance policy.

Pre & Post Renovation Clean Up:
We all know that renovations can be very messy. To keep dust and dirt to a minimum we recommend hiring us as your third party cleaner. What we specialize in is making basic waste materials are not left lying around. We also assist in attempting to keep your premises free from hazards like nails, wires, and small discarded obstructions. This service is best utilized when moving in or moving out.

Reception Desk, Foyer or Front Office Services:
Our unique services provide you with the objectivity and analysis of knowing what people really see when they enter your business premises. We will identify those chipped and unsightly scuffs, scratches and worn out areas. We will ascertain the embarrassing stained, dirty or dusty areas too. Our quick fix service offerings will clean up, repair and rejuvenate the front area of your business.

Registered Agent:
You can utilize our local address to establish your Florida corporate identity. All corporations are required to maintain a registered agent with appropriate hours of operations. In addition, we will accept service of process and notify you of all corporate activities directed to us as your registered agent.

We have skilled and experienced associates who are capable of researching anything you need. We are familiar with all local courthouses and libraries and have expert level experience with the internet.

Relocation Assistance:
We offer a wide range of personal services to anyone who plans on relocating to Palm Beach County. We can be a tour guide, a trusted advisor or a local friend. We also act as a private information resource. Having us “around” will make your transition easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.
Security and Body Guards: Have reasons for needing armed or unarmed security guards? We can arrange for any services you may need. These services are available 24 hours a day.

Settling In & Orientation:
We will provide chauffeur like services to assist in allowing you or your associate(s) acclimate to the area. Nobody knows the area better then we do. We are long time residents and qualified professionals. This, our “new best friend” service allows a first time business person visiting, a person prospecting or someone planning on becoming a new resident to have a knowledgeable person show them around town. This service is the equivalent to a seminar on local things to do and places to go. Orientation and settling in to this area cannot be made any easier.

Spot Checking Office Services:
This service affords you an opportunity to have a person from our company drive by, stop in and spot-check your premises. We can walk through, take pictures and even perform basic services like opening and closing blinds, alternating and changing lights, fluctuate the climate and temperature, and even look in your gutters for blockage, as needed.

Venue or Location Evaluation and Confirmation Services:
Allow us to check out, plan and confirm your next meeting place. This service is will provide you the opportunity to have us diligently “check things out for you.” Before you make any final decisions, let us help you decide.

Vendor Credentialing:
All business depends on sourcing and utilizing appropriate vendors. Before hiring or contracting with a new vendor we recommend verifying the credentials and information provided to you. Our credentialing services are provided by our in house licensed private investigator.

Waiting Time Services:
Have a representative from our company wait for the telephone, cable, or utility person. Have us wait for any service provider you may have coming to your office.


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USDC Subpoena Service, USDC Summons Service, Federal Court Summons Server, Federal Court Subpoena

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Eviction Summons, Florida Summons, Foreclosure Complaint, Serve Summons, Summons and Complaint

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Affidavit of Diligence, Affidavit of Diligent Search, Affidavit of Due Diligence, Affidavit of Service, Return on Service, Return of Service

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Courier Florida Statewide,  Court Copying Services,  Court Courier Services, Courthouse Researchers, Courthouse Runners,  Docket Research and Retrieval.  Judicial Messengers

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Florida Statutory Agent,  Registered Agent Florida, Resident Agent Florida
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